Kowseap was formally established in 2015 August 29th in Seoul, Korea.

  1. Mentoring Forum 2014
    Mentoring Forum 2014
    The forum was hosted by KASEA (Korean Association of Scientists and Engineers in Australasia) in Sydney, Australia.
  2. Kowseap Workshop 2016
    Kowseap Workshop 2016
    The workshop was organized by Kowseap and the Korea Federation of Women's Science & Technology Associations at COEX, Korea on 14th July, 2016.
  3. GNetKOWST Forum 2015
    GNetKOWST Forum 2015
    The forum was organized by the Korea Federation of Women's Science & Technology Associations (KOFWST) in Seoul, Korea.
Kowseap Committee
Purpose of establishment
  The purpose of this KOWSEAP association is to form a network promoting mutual friendship amongst the women scientists and help each other to develop their career and to becoming a leading scientists.
Not only to develop one's career path but also to encourage fellow women scientists and to further become the foundation of the countries' development of science and technology.
Association Activities
The following activities are suggestions of which this association can initiate as priority activities:
Members Networking
Peer support
Early career mentoring/training
International Networking